Personalized Fortune Cookies

Personalized Fortune Cookies

Product Details

12 or 24 Personalized Fortune Cookies; You author the message that is put into each individual Personalized Fortune Cookie. These are great for asking someone out, Prom, Graduation, Bridal Showers and Wedding Favors with a message to the guests, Baby Baptisms, Birthdays, Anniversary love messages, and any other kind of occasion that you want to personalize.

Each Personalized Fortune Cookie is individually packaged. Choose the quantity that meets your needs. These are delicious sweet almond flavored Fortune Cookies baked to order; containing the personal messages that you provide at the time you place your order. You may also select the option of receiving a Key Card for identification of the specific message contained in each cookie package. A KEY CARD IS THE ONLY WAY THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY WHICH MESSAGE IS IN EACH COOKIE. IF YOU DO NOT SELECT THE OPTION FIELD FOR A KEY CARD, THEN ONE WILL NOT BE SENT WITH YOUR ORDER.

During the months of October through March, we offer the add-on option of chocolate dipping Personalized Fortune Cookies, for an additional fee.